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Cultivating Future STEM Stars


EPAM Szeged and the Soroptimist Club Szeged non-governmental organization will host an eight-session program called: „Be a STEM star! – Girls in IT” for high school girls.

EPAM and Soroptimist Club Szeged support STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education of students across the world. This initiative uses the technical knowledge of EPAM professionals to teach high school girls about IT and the career opportunities in the field. The program is part of EPAM’s eKids program.

“Girls in IT” will take place in eight sessions with 36 girls participating from six different high schools. During the training, the girls will learn the basics of programming by using the Scratch coding platform and then create their own projects in groups of four. The program focuses on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and each group will have to choose one of the goals as their topic. The team that presents the most creative and innovative work will be awarded with a prize at the end of the course.

11th February was voted to be a day to celebrate women and girls in science by the UN in December 2015. According to the statistical office of the EU, less than 1,5 million young people studied info communication in the EU in 2015 with only 17% of women. It is very important for young girls to be acquainted with the basics of informatics at a young age in order to have equal opportunities in these fields.

EPAM has been in Hungary for more than 10 years and the company as well as the Soroptimist Club are both dedicated supporters of this initiative.

The agreement will be signed on 9th February 2018, in EPAM’s recently opened new office building in Szeged. Dedicated to the forthcoming International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Friday coding event will be open to the press.

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