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EPAMers appreciate our flexible work environment, great benefits, and opportunities to thrive. There are so many reasons to bring your career here.

Fun in and out of the office

With workshops and meet-ups for professional development, vibrant corporate life, discount and bonus programs, health and well-being initiatives, and family support, we ensure that our employees work in a comfortable and nurturing environment.


EPAM has sport communities for football, basketball, running, tennis, functional fitness, and more. We also offer bicycle parking, a changing room, and discounted monthly passes to the Life1 fitness room, which is next to our office. The list of wellness opportunities is constantly growing based on our employees’ needs.


There are a variety of private medical services and procedures available to employees at reasonable prices with the EPAM corporate discount. Health benefits also include a free company physician, free annual influenza vaccines, and discounted office massages.

Education & Development

To further the personal and professional growth of our employees, EPAM offers internal and external courses, academy programs, webinars, coaching programs, professional international and domestic conferences, meet-ups, and language courses in 9+ languages.

Corporate Programs

Corporate program benefits available to all employees include home loans, special financial service offers from several banks, a corporate mobile plan, and special discounts at a number of shops.

Recreation & Entertainment

Two large, highly-anticipated events hosted by EPAM are the Winter and Summer Parties. They include numerous team-building activities, recreational rooms, out-of-office activities, and more.

Child Care

EPAM offers many unique programs such as an 8-week-long summer camp at EPAM’s facilities, Family day, Father-Daughter day, a Santa Party, and many more other activities for employees' kids.

Join our Team!

We’re more than teammates – we’re a community of friends. Join us!