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Career Development

We believe that our people are the source of our success. We give our employees the resources they need to build a successful career by supporting initiatives and ideas.

Build Your Own Career Path

At EPAM, we provide limitless career opportunities for smart, self-motivated, proactive, and collaborative individuals. Customize your career advancement – from technical and industry expertise, to project and resource management, to solution engineering, delivery management, and more.

Hear from EPAMers

“EPAM helped me develop from a functional test engineer into a lead automation engineer in less than four years. The best part: I still see great opportunities ahead!”


Lead Software Test Automation Engineer

Expand your skillset with EPAM

Want to take your coding skills to the next level? Join EPAM Academy and help transform the world through the power of software.


Contact us to learn about the EPAM adaptation process for newcomers and what we do to facilitate professional and personal growth.