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Driving Innovation within EPAM Garage


We are happy to announce the opening of our newest EPAM Garage facility at the Budapest office. This new, spacious, hi-tech lab offers numerous work stations and special sites, making it well-suited for the brainstorming, experimentation, and invention necessary for the EPAM team to pursue the best solution for every client.

EPAM Garage is an innovation lab where any EPAMer can work on interesting projects in a community-operated workspace where people with common interests in computers, machining, technology, science, digital, or electronic art can meet, socialize, and collaborate. Beyond fun, EPAM Garage aims at building and showcasing the IoT competency, embedded systems development expertise, gadgets, robotics, and other emerging technology skills.

The EPAM Garage team welcomes all passionate EPAMers, future EPAMers, and kids to get an insight into the magical world where innovations are born.

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