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EPAM Sponsors Minecraft Programming Camp for Kids


EPAM was the main and naming sponsor of two Minecraft programming summer camps that opened their doors to kids ages 10-15 in July and August in Budapest and Balatonlelle.

Typically, kids and teens play Minecraft at home with little or no direction or goals in mind. The Minecraft camp organizers decided to approach the gameplay from a new angle and encourage students to discover the underlying mechanics of the game in a collaborative environment.

Students had a chance to learn how to create themes, storylines, and dialogues between characters, while setting objectives and goals. Through ‘offline’ games, they were able to improve their logical thinking and learn how to collaborate and work in teams, all of which are considered key skills for software development.

Beyond financial support, EPAM provided mentors to the camp who gave insight into the projects and life at a tech company, as well as set up a lounge area for kids where they could share what they had learnt during the day and talk to real engineers.

Moreover, we gave eight socially disadvantaged children from SOS Children Aid and Burratino Children’s Home the opportunity to attend the camps.

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