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EPAM’s Role in EU Code Week


During EU Code Week, which was held from October 15-23, 2016, thousands of coding events for kids and young people took place around Europe. EPAM Hungary took an active part in it, and in just one week we offered insights into the world of technology for 625 students from 13 schools between the age of 10-16.

In 2015, 46 countries took part in EU Code Week with 7,600 events and 570,000 people involved. Similar to last year, EPAM organized several exciting events again in Budapest, Szeged, and Debrecen.

One of the activities organized by EPAM was an extraordinary class for young students that showed them how a multinational tech company works and what career opportunities the IT sector can provide.

We also held a number of educational tours at EPAM offices, where over 400 students managed to get a sneak-peak into life at an international IT company.

At our Debrecen office, young people enjoyed "Coding Dojo,” where EPAM engineers shared the basics of programming and led funny coding activities and challenges.

Finally, our Szeged office held Kids Hackathon. Teams were challenged with coding in Scratch around one of the following topics: My city, Green city, or Healthy lifestyle.

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