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Tour to the EPAM VR/AR Lab

17 Apr 2019
35 Futo street, 6th floor, Budapest, Hungary
18:00 - 19:30


Director, User Experience Design

UX/UI Designer

At Startup Safari Budapest 2019 our guests will have a chance to visit our EPAM VR/AR Lab. Virtual reality is changing the way we define user experience, but if one principal remains it’s that experiences must be centered around people. The future might not be predictable, but we can at least guess what’s waiting for us. EPAM VR Lab (VR/AR/MR) was set up a year ago - it aims to build up a VR community and improve VR/AR/MR competency within EPAM. It is open for any EPAMer, who wants to plunge into these technologies. This evening the EPAM VR/AR LAB will be opened up for our guests, don’t miss out!

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