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SZIN Festival in Szeged

28-31 Aug 2019
Ujszeged Beach & Camping
6726 Central Harbor Line 1-3, Szeged, Hungary

The history of the SZIN Festival goes back to the 60's — it’s one of the longest-running music festivals in Hungary. From 1968 to 1989, it was the only festival where bands could play without censorship. Even after the regime change, it was held year after year in the same spirit: freedom, love and music.

Since 2003, thanks to the local government, Szeged has held this modern music festival every August with an amazing lineup of the most popular acts from Hungary and abroad.

EPAM will be in attendance giving away some awesome festival swag and encouraging attendees to participate in our selfie machine and even become a DJ with the Mash Machine. You’ll also learn about EPAM’s exciting job opportunities in Hungary. Join us in the EPAM Chill Zone to learn more and help us close out the summer!

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