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Street of the Future, a Street Science Festival for Everyone

26-27 Apr 2019
Corvin Setany (in front of EPAM HQ)
Budapest, 8th district, Hungary

Technology makes the world go ‘round. Soon every product or service around us will be driven by the internet. Organized by EPAM and the Science Festival, Street of the Future is a unique street science exhibition in downtown Budapest from 26-27 April. It is a free event for adults and children who are interested in learning about new technologies.

At the exhibition, small startups to large tech companies will introduce next-generation innovations and consumer technologies that demonstrate the amazing things that are created by today’s engineers and influence our future from education to everyday life. Come and explore the amazing world of smart cars, smart home devices, robots, VR-enabled products and services and other intelligent devices. In honor of Earth Day, we will focus on the sustainability challenges of the future, as several program will be dedicated to exploring environmental issues and how to protect the environment.

Similar to past years, EPAM will host an eKids Digital Playground for younger children and Scratch, Minecraft and robot programming workshops for older children.

We hope to see you there!

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