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Budapest Data Forum

12-14 Jun 2018
Hotel Mercure
Krisztina krt. 41-43, 1013, Budapest, Hungary


Solution Architect

The Budapest Data Forum is the longest-running vendor-independent data and analytics conference in Hungary. It offers three days of talks, discussions and workshops about how organizations manage and use their data. From traditional data warehousing and ETL to cutting-edge big data technologies and data science applications, the Forum provides a great opportunity to learn more about data management and analytics.

EPAM will be a platinum sponsor of the conference, and András István Nagy, one of EPAM’s most talented solution architects, will be giving a talk entitled “A Self-Service Data Platform for Flixbus.” Flixbus is Europe’s largest intercity bus network, and the talk will focus on how EPAM is turning the Data Catalog from a static documentation tool into an active component that serves as the ‘user interface’ for the whole organization to make use of the Data Platform.

András is a hands-on Solution Architect and devoted Developer who likes building usable software. He is interested in the challenges of scalability and distributed processing, and likes working in a cloud-native environment. If you would like to meet with András or other EPAMers at the conference, please contact us today!

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