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Let's meet and talk about big data!

26 Jan 2017
EPAM Headquarters
Budapest, Hungary

In January, EPAM will host a meetup about big data with a focus on Apache Spark. Featured speakers and presentations will include:

  • Attila Szűcs, Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, will provide an introduction to Apache Spark for C# Developers and non-C# Developers. Following the introduction, Attila will discuss a project where the EPAM team used Apache Spark and Amazon EMR to run C# code to successfully solve the business challenges of a customer.
  • Máté Szalay-Bekő, Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, will provide an overview of structured data analytics in Spark, comparing RDD, the SparkSQL (DataFrame), and the DataSet APIs. Máté will use the latest Spark 2.1, released on December 28, and cover code samples and Spark optimizations. No Spark hands-on experience is necessary.

Register here.

We hope to see you there!

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