School programs

Our school programs encourage elementary and secondary school students to explore the world of software engineering and learn basics behind the technology that is shaping our future. Read on to learn more about our free school programs in Szeged.

Who can apply?

The workshop sessions are designed for elementary and secondary school students, and delivered by IT professionals to transfer the most up-to-date knowledge. Whether you’re a teacher who is striving for innovation during IT lessons or a student with a thirst for knowledge, running an EPAM school program at your facility is a wonderful opportunity.

Program details

In School Year 2016-2017, the curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Learning to code via Scratch and Python
  • Arduino and electronics
  • Mobile applications – Android systems
  • Digital media creation
  • Building websites
  • Testing
  • Starting a software project
  • Software development lifecycle
  • Today’s IT market and career path options
  • Career orientation

How to sign up?

We run tailor-made programs for schools, and the program details are designed together with the involved parties. Usually the workshops for the next school year are scheduled in spring. If you are interested in our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us!